Since 2011, WVF has awarded over $55,000 in scholarships to West Michigan students. Each year, we also recognize one community leader with the WVF Lifetime Achievement Award. Scholarship applicants should submit all required information to:

                                                                                         2016 - 2017 Scholarship Series
Student-athletes selected to the Muskegon All-Star Classic must submit a one page personal statement to become eligible for Scholarships #1-7. Personal statements are due by May 26, 2017.

1. Media Explosion Award - Starting at 7pm (kickoff time) and ending at the conclusion of the game, fans and media can log onto Twitter/Facebook and vote on the participant they think should be awarded this scholarship.

              *Past Recipients: 2012 – Aaron Doriot (Mona Shores), 2013 – Dylan Lohman (Montague), 2014 – Haiden Majewski (Allendale)

                                          2015 – Tommy Scott (Muskegon Catholic Central), 2016 – Nicholas Turowski (Comstock Park)

2. Outstanding Senior Award - This award will be given to the most outstanding senior based on overall achievement in academics, athletics, and leadership.

              *Past Recipients: 2012 – Scott Staal (Grand Haven), 2013 – Quincy Crosby (Muskegon), 2014 – Dan Shoop (Oakridge),

                                          2015 – Nicholas Holt (Muskegon Catholic Central), 2016 – Jared Pittman (Muskegon)

3. Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Award - This award will be given to the student with the highest score based on a formula using un-weighted GPA and ACT score.
              *Past Recipients: 2012 – Taylor Myer (Ludington), 2013 – Katie Lacy (Grant), 2014 – Doug Wyman (Mason County Central),

                                          2015 – Michael Caughey (Muskegon Catholic Central), 2016 – Chad Borgman (Coopersville)

4-5. Leadership Awards (2) - Given to a player from each team who has exemplified leadership both on and off the field. 

              *Past Recipients: 2012 – Ryan Williams-Follins (Muskegon), Mike Vella (Hart)

                                           2013 – John King (Muskegon), James Borgman (Coopersville), Steve Sika (Whitehall)

                                           2014 – Aaron Curtiss (Coopersville), Julian Munday (Reeths-Puffer)

                                           2015 – Alex English (Ludington), Kaylee Cook (Reeths-Puffer)

                                           2016 – Chase Simpson (Muskegon Catholic Central) , Christian Bos (Unity Christian)

6. The Nicholas A. VandenBosch Aspiring Physician Scholarship - For a student-athlete who has a desire to go into the medical field. Recipient will also receive mentoring from Dr. Nick VandenBosch, physician and Co-Founder of WVF. *Special thanks to the Jeremy Alan Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund for contributing to these scholarships.*

        *Past Recipients: 2012 – Danny Cotter (Grand Haven), 2013 – Alexandra DuPont (Hart), 2014 – Taylor Southland (Mona Shores),

                                    2015 – DeAngelo Williams (Reeths-Puffer), 2016 – Jazmin Wright-Zornes (Reeths-Puffer)

7. The Terrence J. Williams Aspiring Lawyer Scholarship - For a student-athlete who has a desire to go into the legal field.  Recipient will also receive mentoring from Terrence J. Williams, J.D. a Los Angeles based entertainment lawyer and Co-Founder of WVF.

      *Past Recipients: 2012 – Austin Hughey (Reeths-Puffer), 2013 – Billy Belcher (Spring Lake), 2014 – Wyatt Ford (Montague),

                                  2015 – Evan McCrary (Reeths-Puffer), 2016 – Cody Rabach (Fruitport)

All graduating seniors from the Class of 2016 who are from a MAC School (See: #MAC5) are eligible for Scholarships #8-10. To become eligible, students must submit a 1-2 page essay describing why they are the ideal candidate for the award. Essay submissions are due by May 29, 2016.

 8. Community Involvement Award - This award will go to a student who has given back to the community.   The student may have done community service individually; or as a member of a sports team, church group, etc. Students should mention how their service has had an impact in their lives.

     *Past Recipients: 2012 – Stephanie Rood (Shelby), 2013 – Phil Mesker (Muskegon Catholic Central), 2014 – Aidan Rhyndress (North Muskegon),

                                 2015 – Hayley Robinson (Comstock Park), 2016 – Kendall Austin (Coopersville)

 9. Overcoming Hardship Award - This scholarship will be awarded to a student who has excelled in spite of difficult situations. This award may be given to a student who has overcome health disparities, family problems, legal trouble, or any myriad of difficulties that a student may face.  

      *Past Recipients: 2012 – John Waller (Western Michigan Christian), 2013 – Jalen Smith (Muskegon), 2014 – Kayla Moore (Muskegon),

                                  2015 – Brett Wildman (West Catholic), 2016 – Jacob Schulte (Muskegon Catholic Central)

10. College Assistance Scholarship – The candidate must show that without financial assistance, they would have substantial difficulty in affording continued education.      


     *Past Recipients: 2012 – Jai’lyn Thompson (Muskegon), 2013 – Tyler Fehler (Fruitport), 2014 – Kiera Kinsey (Muskegon),

                                 2015 – Michael Ready (Spring Lake), 2016 – ​Savion Thompson (Muskegon Catholic Central)

Scholarships #11-12 are awarded each fall at the Brooks Road Battle: Oakridge vs. Orchard View 

 11-12. Outstanding Student-Athlete Scholarships (2) - A scholarship is awarded to a player from each school in recognition of superior leadership as recognized by both coaches and community alike. Selected students have exemplified determination and perseverance in the classroom, as well as on the football field.

      *Past Recipients: 2011 – Patrick Giddings (Oakridge), Robby Eslick (Orchard View); 2012 – Jacob Shepherd (Oakridge), Corey Pierce (Orchard View)
                                  2013 – Austin Wright (Oakridge), Brandan Brewer (Orchard View); 2014 – Kaleb Cook (Oakridge), Kris Wells (Orchard View)

                                  2015 – Kolin Chahorski (Oakridge), Matias Keyes (Orchard View); 2016 – William Depender (Oakridge), Mason Shirrell (Orchard View)

WVF Lifetime Achievement Awards 

The WVF Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded annually during the Halftime Presentation of the MAC. The Award honors a member of the community who has been influential in the lives of West Michigan students in the area of academics and/or athletics. 

2016 Recipient: Tim Flahive

2015 Recipient: John Swinburne

2014 Recipient: John Arthur Scott

2013 Recipient: Dr. Margaret Aguwa

2012 Recipient: Jack Schugars


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