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Billy Belcher 

Spring Lake Class of 2013

Alma College (Business)

Tau Kappa Epsilon

B.J. Smith

Orchard View Class of 2013

Kalamazoo College (Psychology)

Varsity Football Captain

"Dr. VandenBosch,

      I have always known I wanted to pursue a Pre-Med education, but had it not been for your encouragement, I do not think I would have been able to make the switch. I am thankful for everything, starting with the opportunity to play in the inaugural Muskegon All-Star Classic! That is  a memory I will always have. I'm also thankful for the generous scholarship as well as allowing me volunteer at the Wellness Fair...You have helped me so much for nothing in return and for that, I thank you tremendously. I look forward to job shadowing this summer!" 

- Danny Cotter

  Grand Haven Class of 2012

  Butler University- Football

"Over the past few years I have created a friendship and bond with Terrence that can never be broken. I consider him my mentor and most importantly a spiritual leader for me. He is someone I can always count on when I have problems I'm dealing with in my life. I am thankful to God for putting such great guys like Nick and Terrence in my life. They are truly a blessing from God to many youth athletes in the Muskegon area." 

- John Waller

  Western Michigan Christian Class of 2012

  Michigan State University- Track & Field

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